What started as a bootstrapping community initiative in 2010 to help a handful of children afterschool in a local mud house in my grandmother’s village, gradually became 8 years later a 140 m2 community center on a 2 hectare piece of land turned into a beautiful educational garden, with three permanent staff members offering pre-school and after school tutoring and gardening activities to 70 students aged 3 to 14.

The “Fondation d’Entreprise Hermes’ ” three-year fellowship funded the transfer of know how’s and skills to local men and women, propelling us to another level.

8 years of hard work, living on site, and a will to invest all I have in a better world for the least privileged. A world where a poor village can transform itself and dream of competing with the urban world in the potential it offers to its children and youth.

With the success and growth of its pilot project, Ouazzaniyat implanted its first building stone in setting the 4 elements of the most basic societal system (Center / knowledge, land, community, voluntourists) in harmony for building sustainable growth.

The road ahead is still long, but ever more exciting.

Ouazzaniyat now aims to sustain the project, expand and enhance it to become financially self-sustaining, and transfer the model to other villages in the Ouazzane province.

Nazik Moudden



Ouazzaniyat is a non-profit association, founded in 2011. It is based in the city of Ouazzane (Morocco) and operates in a small village called Farraha, located in the Ouazzane Province.

In 2014, friends and supporters of Ouazzaniyat created Brainseeders in Switzerland, a non-profit sister-association, whose primary objective is to provide logistical, financial, fundraising and advocacy support to Ouazzaniyat.

Ouazzaniyat was founded by Nazik Moudden and by Rajae Slimani. To maintain community ownership Rajae is the association’s local President and  Wafae Marouri, the Treasurer.

Ouazzaniyat means the women of Ouazzane in Arabic, and it also refers to the natural and cultural specificities of this region.



Ouazzaniyat works on the development of resilient rural communities through education and knowledge transfer programs, with the ultimate goal of enabling sustainable creative and self-dependent communities.


The Strategic Objectives:

– Promote access to education from an early age.
– Develop training for all.
– Allow an opening on the world.
– Raise environmental awareness.
– Strengthen the inter-generational link by enhancing ancestral local know-how.
– Promote creative dynamics




The global project is based on 5 essential and interdependent foundations on which each stone contributes to the building, where each moment is a monument in this creative movement:


The Local Community : they are the main stakeholders and participants in the global project.

The Voluntourists : the meeting between the local population and the voluntourists allows mutual learning. Everyone is invited to take ownership of the project and collaborate.

The Learning Center : the center is a place to welcome and transmit knowledge. Without the latter, there is no development.

The land : it gives a place to welcome projects, opportunities to share knowledge and know-how, and means of autonomy through its productions… If it receives the care it needs.

With the demiurgic idea, humans have excluded themselves from nature to become its masters and possessors, going so far as to influence the natural systems of our Earth, thus inaugurating a new climatic era, the Anthropocene.

Containing man’s excess and arrogance is the function of the 5th element of the system.

The Local Association : It supports and coordinates the interactions between the other 4 elements, thus ensuring the cohesion and sustainability of the system.

– R. Buckminster Fuller –

“We are called to be the architect of the future, not its victims”