I seed a dream

I am happy today that a community of destiny is taking root …

A century ago, neoliberalism was born …
Deriving from Darwin’s theory, the paradigm of evolutionism, abusively exported out of its field of legitimacy in the social and political field, enjoins that it is necessary to adapt in a world of selection and competition. In a break with liberalism, supposedly axiologically neutral values, neoliberalism assumes a moral speech where the state must regain control, determine the cap, and in favor of a pedagogical work of the reform manufacture consent of public opinions. This cap, not questionable, posed as a transcendent end of history, it is the globalization that one wants just, with a fair competition, free and undistorted, a globalization of the exchanges which would be reconcilable with a preservation of the natural resources.

Recent research in neuroscience sheds light on deep motivations, primitive motivations that would have led humans to create the neoliberal system that feeds them.

“The reason is the slave of the passions” wrote Hume in 1740. The incarnated ubris now has a name: the striatum … master of the cortex, he asks him for food (food and carnal), as much information as possible, the least possible effort and a social status … basic needs reinforced by the secretion of dopamine as pleasure generator.

I tell you here and now, my friends, although, yes, although we have to face difficulties today and tomorrow I always seed a dream …

I always seed this dream
– that it is necessary to adapt and evolve towards a world of sharing and mutual aid
– that democracy is linked to education where social phenomena are phenomena of coeducation, where experts remain in their place because the public itself must lead the democratic experimentation.

I always seed this dream
– that the globalization of the exchanges passes from a globalization, costly in energy, to a localization more respectful of the natural resources
– that the connection becomes connivance.

I always seed this dream
– That the striatum that governs our actions is forged in childhood by education where it is taught that more pleasure can be obtained with less stimuli, so less consumption and more sharing, using our conscience.
I always seed a utopia which is today the ecology, the utopia of a new immanent Alliance between the living and the human.
I modestly seed a utopia in Farraha, the eutopia or the good place that aspires to happiness

In italics: sentences taken from the speech of August 28, 1963 by Martin Luther King