Tales of me my future

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This project will last all year, with the objective of developing transversal skills.

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An education throughout the school year, focusing on transversal skills, with the aim of making the child autonomous and responsible.

An education, where it is taught that more pleasure can be obtained with less stimuli, so less consumption and more sharing by using our consciousness.

To do so we favor 2 axes:
** An on-going education for the 3 to 6 years old oriented towards active pedagogy , a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children.
** Multidisciplinary activities in art: music, drawing, theater, juggling, storytelling, and environmental awareness .

Provide access to education in rural areas, which promotes, throughout the year, a continuous and lasting education, with the aim of making the child autonomous and responsible.
• Develop transferable skills such as creativity, communication, teamwork, curiosity, information seeking, fine motor skills to name a few.
• Introduce children to different art forms

Tales of my Future is a project that includes 6 workshops for the children and 1adult training on active pedagogy. Each of these will be further developed.

The teacher-training: Introduction to the active pedagogy and the learning material The training will last 5 weeks at the kid’s house in Ouezzane, and then by October, once a week to consolidate her learning. PDF

The workshops:
• Folktales of my region with Ms Fadwa Islah
• Creative Workshop: « My environment, my community» with Mr. Allae Hammioui. PDF
• Environmental workshop with Mr. Abdillah Maknassi PDF
• Drawing workshop with Me Fatima Rhazal
• Music workshop with Mr. Allae Hammioui
• Jugglery with Mr. Vincent de Lavenère

Target group: The children of Farraha, trachla et Ouled Allal. The children aged 3 to 6 years old (around 15 each year). The children aged 7 to 12 years old (around 50 each year)

At the Dar Lil Kul center, in Farraha

Calendar :
This project started in March with the teacher training and several workshops on environmental awareness.
It will last the entire school year 2019-2020