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Hyper humanism …

Biodiversity is nature, it is the richness of the living world, the plants, the animals, everything that constitutes life on earth and which allows us, human beings, to be able to subsist, feed and live“. Recently declared Isabelle Autissier, president of WWF France, on a national radio.

To the journalist’s question: “The dinosaurs have disappeared and that did not prevent humanity from prospering. In what way is what is happening today more serious? “.
Anne Larigauderie, executive secretary of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES, composed of 130 countries and 145 experts), outbid: “At the time when there were dinosaurs, there were no humans; we, what concerns us is the life of human beings on earth and therefore the disappearance of all our natural resources really puts in danger our ability to have such a quality of life “.

The shift, dreaded by some, from an anthropocentrism to a biocentrism, where man goes from “master and possessor of nature” to the savior and servant of nature, does not seem yet to be proven.

The new alliance between the living and the human would pass through the attenuation of the Anthropocene, the visible hand … the too visible human, one of the ways seems to be the ecosystem biomimicry in agriculture, which is to take nature as a model … but to protect nature doesn’t inevitably suggest to extend its control over it?