Training in rural / responsible tourism

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Towards a social and solidarity entrepreneurship in tourism.

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Tourism is a lever for local development and natural resources management. This choice is justified by the fact that tourism is transversal to many aspects of development: The economical, social, environmental dimensions, as well as the valorization of a local identity, the preservation of traditional know-how … all are inherent components to tourism.

Objectives :
• Participation in the sustainable development of the locality,
• Social inclusion of rural youth and improvement of their incomes and fight against their socio-economic vulnerability,
• Creation of many income generating activities related to responsible tourism.
• Management of tangible and intangible heritage for sustainable local development.

The training will cover the following themes:
• Tourist accommodation
• Tourist support (guides, muleteers, interpretation of the natural, cultural and architectural heritage…)
• Management of the touristic activity (prices, supply, accounting)
• Communication (introduction to basic French and English)
• Catering (rations, balance, hygiene)
• Knowledge of the tourist clientele (understanding the crosscultural dimension between hosts and visitors)
• Environmental awareness
• Opening of hiking trails

Dr. Zoubir CHATTOU, International expert in sustainable tourism planning

Target group:
Farraha, Trahla’ and Ouled Allal’s youth, aged 18 to 30 years old.

At the Dar Lil Kul Center in Farraha

Schedule :
Starting September 2019 , for a period of 2 months