Wool work training for women

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Woolwork, an income generating skill for the women of Farraha and Trachla

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When women control extra income, they devote a larger share of it than men do to their children’s food, health, clothing, and education..

Empowering rural women results in an overall improvement in the well-being of children, households and communities, which in turn contributes to building human capital for the benefit of future generations and benefits long term to economic and social growth.

Wool work was the main income-generating activity for women in and around Ouezzane until the crafts were abandoned. The Kharqa Ouazzaniya, the well known fabric of Ouazzane now represents an annual turnover of 7 million dirhams, and currently the demand for wool surpasses supply.

The revival of this crucial stage of the sector will stimulate others, and will allow the kharqa Ouazzaniya not only to continue, but also to evolve to adapt to the market demand whil maintaining its own local characteristics.

Objectives :
• Social inclusion of rural women, improving their income and combating against their socio-economical vulnerability
• Participation in the sustainable development of the locality
• Promoting local and traditional know how

The training:
This training will last 72 days, 3 days a week, over a period of 6 months. It will be given by the Cooperative of traditional woven fabrics from Ouezzane, which is affiliated to the Chamber of handicrafts of the city of Ouezzane.
Every single step of the transformation process (the cleaning and washing, the carding, and the spinning) will be taught as well as the buying of the raw wool and the selling of the thread.

The trainer:
Ms Roquia, member of the Coopérative of traditional woven fabrics of Ouezzane, traditionalspinner

Target group:
20 women of Farraha, Trachla et Ouled Allal.

Training venue:
At the Dar Lil Kul center, in Farraha

The training started in April 2019 and will last 6 months.

Budget : 6 688 euro
3 488 euro (trainer’s fee and material)
160 euro x 20 (Starting kit for 20 women)